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A Gandhi Family Photo Album: Arun Gandhi Interview

We’re excited to offer a unique historic perspective on one of the most extraordinary human beings ever to live. Enjoy this intimate look at the life of Mohandas Gandhi through the words of his grandson – Arun Gandhi.

Interview, production and editing: Anna-Kristina Pfeifer

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The Peoples Festival: Summer 2013

Take a look at the work that goes on at the Gandhi Institute through the eyes of our Summer 2013 intern, Malik Thompson of Washington D.C. at The Peoples Festival: a gathering of PLEX neighborhood and Rochester community members joining in music, art making, dancing, workshops and food.

Youth Activist Movement: A Season for Nonviolence

Our participation in the 2013 Youth Activist Movement which offered youth ages 13-21 the opportunity to receive 35 hours of professional training in nonviolence, conflict transformation, and leadership development. Get involved in the 2015 Season for Nonviolence in your community: bethechangerochester.


M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence Podcasts

Podcast #1: Reconnecting Youth

In the first episode of this podcast series, Fatima Bawany, a Gandhi Service Fellow since 2010, talks about her work with youth. While working with the local refugee community, she noticed older children struggling with how to communicate and connect with their peers. We then hear from a few of the youth and their views on empathy, perspective, and leadership skills.

Podcast #2: The Summer Intensive

In this segment, interviewer Dan Pitnell talks with several different participants in order to explore the structure and the value of the week-long Summer Intensive which took place at the Gandhi Institute. Staff member George Payne offers a brief overview of the skills taught at the Intensive while participants David and Abby explain why she was drawn to the intensive. Gandhi Institute summer volunteer Aisha shares her knowledge and insights regarding King’s work with youth.

Podcast #3: Walking Towards Conflict

In this episode, Kit Miller, Director of the Gandhi Institute, shares her insights on how to practice nonviolence in everyday life through interpersonal relations. While our natural instincts may be to avoid conflict or to disengage from a conversation , Kit offers suggestions on how to address disagreements or tensions directly. By walking towards conflict with kindness and understanding, Kit explains how we can build trust in our relationships and demonstrate how much we care about one another.

Podcast #4: The Doer and the Deed

In this latest episode, Anna-Kristina Pfiefer talks about her own experience learning how to separate the doer from the deed. This act, while often difficult, is a key to communicating with others, especially those we disagree with. Anna shares her from her own personal experience how she learned to do this, and offers advise for those who find this difficult.

Podcast #5: A Radical View of Respect

On this episode, George Payne stops by to talk about an alternative definition of respect.
While society often suggests that respect is something that is not freely given and must be earned, George suggests that by defining respect a different way, we can reap many rewards.

 Podcast #6: Camilla’s Story

In this podcast, we talk to Camilla Reyes, an intern at the Gandhi Institute. Camilla shares her many experiences with us and tells a remarkable story about her own personal journey, that has taken her from her home in Columbia to here in the United States. Along the way, she has gained knowledge and insight, both of wish she shares with us


Podcast #7: A Conversation with Thomas Stokell

In this podcast, we talk to Thomas Stokell, a former Volunteer at the Gandhi Institute. Thomas’s interest in Nonviolence lead brought him to Rochester all the way from New Zealand. During the podcast, we discuss Thomas’s journey into the world of Nonviolence, and his plans for the future.

 Podcast #8: Trusteeship

In this conversation, George Payne introduces the concept of trusteeship, which challenges some basic ideas about property and ownership. George discusses Gandhi’s view of ownership and his view that possessions should be used as tools help others. It follows that trusteeship of objects changes our mentality toward the accumulation of material goods; while our society may be obsessed with buying and hoarding things we don’t really need, recognizing trusteeship of objects makes us less worried about what we need to protect and more concerned with how we can protect others.

Podcast #9: Take Back the Land Rochester

 In this Episode, we talk to Ryan Acuff of Take Back the Land Rochester, which supports individuals and families in the community struggling with foreclosure. Ryan discusses an unprecedented victory for one local family, what that means for Take Back the Land Rochester, and what Take Back the Land Rochester hopes to do next.


  • September 13, 2016 6:00 pmConversations on Race
  • September 20, 2016 6:00 pmConversations on Race with Poverty
  • September 21, 2016 6:00 pmConversations on Race
  • September 28, 2016 6:00 pmConversations on Race with Poverty
  • October 2, 2016 2:00 pmOpen House
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