Trish Joynt Goodman was raised and currently lives in Rochester, NY. As a child, her mother and five siblings picketed Wegmans with others to protest the treatment of Cesar Chavez’s farm workers. Trish began an organic garden at the age of 12. She had many role models that influenced her at an early age to seek fair treatment and justice in this world. Trish received her BFA at Rhode Island School of Design and went on to Cornell to receive an MFA.  During her time at Cornell, Trish was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The doctor’s advice at that time was for her to “live a quiet life.” Since then, Trish married Don Goodman and had a daughter, Catherine, now 24, who works in Boston. Trish considers Catherine her masterpiece. Trish has worked as an editorial assistant for a medical journal at the University of Rochester.  When the Gandhi Institute moved to Rochester, Trish was hired by Arun Gandhi as the Director’s Assistant. She continues her education by studying and practicing Restorative Circles and Nonviolent Communication. Trish’s activities meld her creative nature with her love for activism.