On March 29-30 we’re cosponsoring an interdisciplinary research symposium on the social life of guns with the University of Rochester’s Humanities Center that will examine what guns mean and how guns matter in the contemporary United States. This symposium will use interdisciplinary research and conversation to bring multiple forms of gun-related violence—“active shooter” prevention, “urban violence,” “police brutality”—into the same frame, to better understand how we can define the problem, and how these definitions animate particular solutions. The symposium will bring Rochester-area scholars, practitioners, and activists together with invited scholars in anthropology, public health, sociology, philosophy, women’s studies, and social work to share current research and generate conversation, with a wide focus on discourses of violence, safety, freedom, criminality, and harm; social inequality; disparities in health, economic, and legal outcomes; gun policy; and the social and political contours of data production, reception, and erasure.

For more information on speakers and discussion topics, visit the Humanities Center website.