What even is “nonviolence”?

Most of us learned about Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., but for a lot of us, that’s where our education on nonviolence stopped. Meanwhile, we probably spent a lot of time in school studying past and current wars, when it is or isn’t ok to hurt someone, and when we’re justified in seeking revenge. How are we supposed to decide if nonviolence is an option for us if we only know about it through a few stories of prominent historical figures? This workshop series will offer a way to increase our knowledge of the theories and history behind nonviolence so that we can think more critically about its use and make informed decisions for how to apply it, or not, in our own lives.  

Participants will be invited to explore various topics on nonviolence through readings, videos, and/or podcasts prior to workshop sessions. During the sessions, we’ll use dynamic and democratic discussion techniques to help us learn from others while thinking critically about what we learned on our own. There will be ten sessions in the series, meeting once a month, with each session lasting about an hour. We’ll begin on January 6th.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please email Gwen gwendolyn.olton@gmail.com. This series is freely offered and donations are also kindly accepted to help support the work of the Gandhi Institute