Will you support the Gandhi Institute?

Dear Friend,

I am writing to ask you to invest in the work of the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence that we undertake with, and for, you and your family.

As you can see in the annual report, linked below, with the help of donors last year, the Institute:

  • Worked with 5,952 youth and adults face-to-face and influenced thousands through social media and online teaching.
  • Supported the resolution of 6,882 conflicts with students, by building trust and modeling nonviolent, restorative responses.
  • Offered pro bono support to visiting peace educators from Liberia, Brazil, Japan, and Venezuela.
  • Created a formal partnership to support a new nonviolence center in Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Spoke at the United Nations on community-based, youth-focused nonviolence, and at national conferences in Washington, D.C.
  • Engaged in community projects focused on racial understanding and healing, restorative practices, and sustainability.

I urge you to take part in the expansion of the work of the MK Gandhi Institute. Monthly donations make it easier for you to contribute, and provide ongoing support:

  • $25/month funds a workshop in nonviolence, conflict resolution, or other topics for youth and adults in the greater Rochester area.
  • $50/month will keep the lights and the heat on at Gandhi House for three months.
  • 100/month funds a youth grant to address issues of hatred and incivility in an area school, neighborhood, or faith community.

To thank you for becoming a monthly contributor at $25 and above we will donate a Gandhi knowledge deck and curriculum to a social studies teacher in the Rochester City School District.

These are important times to invest in the future—a future where we know how to peacefully resolve conflicts at the root, and where we build communities and cultures that celebrate and reinforce the best in humanity. Thank you again.

In peace and hope,

Kit Miller
Director, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

Gratitude Report 2017

2016-2017 Annual Report

Click here to make your monthly or one-time donation. 

Words About Our Work

When I visited the Institute, I saw so many people from different communities in Rochester coming together, learning and exchanging meaning with others and then going back out to share ideas and skills–it’s so exciting. The physical transformation of the house and the beauty of the garden was inspiring. You have opened up a space of possibility that I feel really happy to support. So I’m upping my monthly support. This is precious work.

-Marc Scruggs, monthly donor, San Francisco, CA

It is very important that inner city children have the opportunity to be a POSITIVE part of their community on a grassroots level. The individuals at the Institute understand this and they customized experiences that help children of all ages understand how to be valuable assets to their community. I am very grateful to have the Gandhi Institute and will continue to support them as they support the Rochester City School District.

-Djinga King-St. Louis, Director of African & African American Studies, Executive Director CDF Freedom School-Rochester City School District

THANK YOU so very much for coming to Mercy today to be part of our 9th grade non-violence workshop.  Your message about empathy was both important and practical for our students; we are grateful for your time and energy. Thank you again.

-Christine Kvam, Our Lady of Mercy Staff Member

It was an extremely moving experience for all. My kids absolutely loved it. We were all touched for the rest of the day and I really look forward to keeping peaceful myself as a teacher and teaching my students strategies to remain peaceful throughout the day! Thanks again!

-Kristin Spade, 4th grade teacher, Discovery Charter School

2016-2017 Gandhi Institute at a Glance

(July 1-June 30)

  • Total Budget: $352,500
  • Full time staff & Interns: 9
  • Part time/stipend staff: 3
  • Volunteer staff: 1
  • Gandhi Service Fellows: stay tuned!
  • Volunteers: 100

Number of people turned away for lack of funds: 0

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